Relaxation I- 30 minutes –  Focused massage work for tension and stress release.  Also great addition to other salon services or lunch time destresser  $55

Relaxation II – 60 or 90 minutes to paradise – A combination of warm fragrant oils and lotions sooth away all memories of tired tense muscles.  From head to toe each muscle is massaged until all stress evaporates like the mist above a waterfall. $75 - $115

Fluidity Body Stretch Therapy - 60 or 90 minutes – Every major joint is loosened and stretched to increase range of motion.  This body work will increase your circulation and flexibility. Great for the person with a sitting job or the athlete. $85 - $130

The Abyss– Deep Tissue Massage – 60 or 90 minutes – Relieve the chronic patterns of tension with deep muscle work.  Slower strokes and direct pressure releases toxins, increases circulation and oxygen flow.  Consultation with a therapist is given prior to treatment. $85 - $125

Internal Waters –Medical Cupping – 60 minutes – Manipulation of tissue using silicone cups in combination with advanced massage techniques. This approach to massage treats deep injuries, old scaring, cellulite, chronic pain and much more.  $85  

Lymphatic Massage Drainage - 60 minutes - Manual manipulation to 

Cascading Streams – Scalp/Neck/Facial 30 or 60 minutes – Relieve migraine headaches, tension and sinus pressure with just the right massage and pressure point work.  $55 or $75  

Deep Rivulet– Hands or Feet  – 15 or 30 minutes – Short, sweet and complete relaxing massage.  Choose from hands including the forearm or feet including the ankles.  Every droplet of stress and tension will drain from your limbs.  $25 or $40  

Harmonizing Hot Stone Sensations - 60 minutes - A tranquil blend of Swedish massage, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue work to quickly relax the muscles.  $80

Synchronized (4 Hands On) Massage - 60 Minutes - Two therapists in unison perform a full body massage.  This is the ultimate massage for the maximum benefit. $145

Couples Massage - Take a peaceful journey down stream for two. The therapists simultaneously provide a full body relaxation and stress reducing massage for 60 or 90 minutes.  Heated tables, soothing music, candles, warm towel treatments and aromatherapy are all included in this treat for two. $165 or $230

Couples Teaching Massage - Learn the gift of massage to share with your significant other.  Spend two hours learning how to give each other a basic massage.  Emphasis is placed on how to de-stress the shoulders, back, neck hands and feet.  $185

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation and Therapeutic Massage - 90 minutes; includes 75 minute hands-on treatment -  Medical Massage Practitioner Nasser Staples will discuss and evaluate your condition and plan a therapeutic solution with you. Treatment will be based on your specific needs.  $125

Full Body Massage
Mind - Body - Spirit

Massage therapy provides a variety of health benefits: Stress & tension reduction - Pain relief - Increased flexibility - Migraine relief - Toxin elimination - And much, much more!

All of our therapists are insured, Board Certified and have multiple years of professional experience.  The Department Manager is also a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, Massage Therapy instructor, Certified Continuing Education provider and has over 20 years of hands on patient care experience. You don't want to miss this level of expertise and specialized training in sciatic nerve disorders.

Each massage is professionally tailored to your specific medical and personal requirements. Combined with heated tables, natural oils and therapeutic stretching you will feel relaxed and invigorated.

Mobile Services Available